Welcome to Hotel Mittaghorn
Walter's Hotel Mittaghorn
CH-3826 Gimmelwald
Walter's hotel exterior


In Switzerland:
0766 65 1331
In Europe: 
0041 766 65 1331
In US/Can:
011 41 766 65 1331


Accommodations and Prices
Room Size
Swiss Francs
Per Night
Per Night
Double (2 People)
100 CHF (front)
90 CHF (rear)
72-83 € (subject to exchange rate)
Triple (3 People)
140 CHF
116 € (subject to exchange rate)
Quad (4 People)
170 CHF
142 € (subject to exchange rate)
Shower - Reservation of room with shower adds 10CHF
Single Night Stay - An additional charge of 6 CHF or 5 Euro per person
Single Rooms - A single room rate is normally only available August through October at 60 CHF.

Prices include breakfast and taxes.
All rooms have washbasins with hot and cold water.

Shower facilities at 1 franc for 5 minutes. WC on each floor.
Internet/Computer is available for guest use.

Payment is accepted in Swiss Francs, Euros, US dollars, and travelers checks. The Hotel CANNOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. An ATM is located in Muerren.


Reservations are taken by phone or email,

BUT, for your own convenience, must be reconfirmed by phone 24-48 hours before you arrive

If you reserve a room and do not need it, PLEASE let us know, there is no penalty.

Fluffy duvet covers at Walter's

Walter's menu

Dinner (when offered)
(Two simple menus rotate daily when possible)

MENU 1... Soup,
Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce, Dessert

MENU 2... Soup,
Rice with Mushroom Sauce
& Vegetables, Dessert

Dinner is normally offered as an option,
the cost is 15 Swiss francs.

Order when reconfirming your reservation
or each morning before 10 o'clock.

Dinner is served promptly at 7.30pm

Other options for eating in Gimmelwald include the Mountain Hostel
Restaurant (fresh pizza from 13CHF, soups and other options),
Also the Pension Gimmelwald (Restaurant June-September)

Hotel Guests are welcome to picnic at the Mittaghorn and use plates and cutlery, we also provide a guest refrigerator, though there is no guest kitchen. Drinks are available for purchase from the Bar. Our great tap water is free!

How to Get from Interlaken Ost to Gimmelwald:

In either direction the journey normally takes 55mins, using a combination of train, bus and cable car.

This journey is not included on the Eurail system, but a discount of 25% is given. You can buy a single ticket at Interlaken Ost which is valid for the whole journey. (But see the Pass tip below).

At the Interlaken Ost station, board the front car of the train for Lauterbrunnen. (The rear car goes to Grindelwald NOT Gimmelwald! The cars are clearly labelled)

At Lauterbrunnen, there is a Post Coach waiting across the street. The bus will take you to the Schilthorn cable car station at Stechelberg. (There is an alternative route via Grutchalp-Muerren cable car and train, but the post bus connection is quickest. The old Grutschalp funnicular was dismantled in 2006 and replaced by a new cable car. )

The first stop on the Schilthornbahn Cable Car system is Gimmelwald.

From the cable car station, walk up the hill and into the village. At the "crossroads" a sign points to the right (and up) to "Hotel Mittaghorn. (5-min)"

You can also take a less steep but longer path, following the main road clockwise around the village. This walk takes about 20 minutes. Useful with heavy rolling luggage.

If you have heavy luggage that you do not need in Gimmelwald, you can check it into lockers at Lauterbrunnen station. (There are no lockers in Stechelberg or Gimmelwald). If you leave your luggage in the locker more than 24 hours, there will be a surcharge. If your luggage is too large to fit in the locker, you can leave it at the counter at the station.

Tip1: If you are spending 4 or more days in Gimmelwald and particularly if you plan to do excursions, the local BeoAbo pass for the cable car costs 62CHF (Zones 106 and 116) and is valid between Lauterbrunnen, Stechelberg, Gimmelwald, Muerren, Grutschalp and covers 2 cable cars, a train and the postbus. This pass is actually valid for a month but can sometimes save money (and definitely increases flexibility) for even short stays. Buy it in Lauterbrunnen on arrival, a photo is required (there is a machine in the station). Another alternative is the Schilthornbahn 4 or 6 Day Holiday pass. It covers the same region, but also includes the cable car to the top of the mountain (Birg and Schilthorn stations) (normally approx 78CHF full fare return from Muerren). The 6 day holiday pass costs 140CHF (2011).

Tip2: Check out the Swiss railways half price card which gives 50% discount off all travel in Switzerland, including mountain cables and railways. Costs about 110CHF for 1 month. Normally cheaper than using eurail in Switzerland.

Tip3: Families with children 16 or under will usually benefit by purchasing the swiss family card (20CHF each child). With this pass children travel free when travelling with their parents (all trains and cable cars).

The Cable Car runs from 06:00 in the morning until midnight, every half hour during the day and hourly from 8pm. The following table shows full connections from Interlaken (OST station) for those travelling by rail. Actually valid 2014(!)

You can check these times or your full itinerary at the swiss national railways website , this site provides the full schedule for trains, buses, cable cars and many international routes.

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